Thursday, December 8, 2011

Michael W. Smith Featured on the McGee and Me Soundtrack Album

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Each episode of The Adventures of McGee and Me video series featured an original song that went along with the theme / message of the show. During the credits of the episode "Take Me out of the Ball Game," there is an original song by Michael W. Smith titled "Hold On."

This song was only released on the McGee and Me OST (Original Sound Track) album "McGee and Me: The Hits." This is the only place to find this song on audio cassette tape or CD. You can purchase this album on CD new or used right here! The audio cassette can also be found here.

The McGee and Me: The Hits album is available for audio download, however it won't include "Hold On" by Michael W. Smith or the song titled "Mop Top Breakdown," which were both on the tape and CD version. You can download the album and listen to song samples right here.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Gerbert Featured on a Sandi Patty Children's Album

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In 1989, the classic character Gerbert was featured on a children's album with Christian music artist Sandi Patty. The album was called "Sandi Patti and the Friendship Company," and Gerbert sings on the track titled "We're in This Thing Together."

It originally released on Vinyl (Record) in 1989. A piano accompaniment book with song lyrics was also released in 1989. The album later released on audio cassette and CD.

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